About Myself


I was born in 1975 in Longxian, Shaanxi, China. My home is a very small and quite county located in the northwestern part of China, and the closest big city to it is the city of Baoji.

I went to U.S. to pursue my PhD degree on Astronomy in the fall of 2001, and stayed in U.S. for roughly 11 year.  I returned to China in the middle of 2012.

Astronomy is part of life, but not my whole life. Besides research, I also like to take some energetic sports activities: soccer is my favorite game, and I am also good at all other games like basketball, badminton, baseball, tennis, and so on, and any game you can think of on the land. However, it is a shame that I still don’t know how to swim so far. :)

I also love reading, and already read many classical books on the chinese traditional medicine. The philosophy inside is really incredible: the human body is a miniature of the enormous Universe.   The more understanding the amazing universe, the more surprise I can find in the similarity between them.